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Guowei said: various trends of valve industry

       In recent years, domestic hardware industry valve enterprises have gradually shown the trend of outward development. There are a large number of enterprises in the hardware valve industry. In order to survive, they have fought a price war one after another, leading to the plight of the whole industry.

       There is a big gap between China's valve industry and foreign enterprises in the industrial structure, industrial chain of industrial valves and the degree of specialization of the industry. The reason for the low quality of domestic valve products is that the original state-owned valve enterprises have been shut down and transferred due to the rapid expansion of the market. Although township enterprises have developed rapidly, most of their products are imitated due to weak technical force and poor equipment.

       Affected by the economic environment at home and abroad, the whole industry has shown a slight downward trend in economic indicators, which is also the first negative downward situation after rising along the continuous growth in recent 10 years. Among the main indicators, the total industrial output value was 6.537 billion yuan, down 2.9% from 6.510 billion yuan in the previous year.

       The president of an association also pointed out that under the situation of comprehensively deepening reform in the general year, the production and sales of the whole industry still maintained a good trend. Among the main indicators, the total industrial sales output value was 6.363 billion yuan, down 0.97% from 6.425 billion yuan in the previous year. It indicates that the member enterprises of Weifang Valve Association adhere to the sales of valve products and explore domestic and foreign markets while doing a good job in valve production.

       In the face of the current economic crisis and the increasing market competition, valve enterprises urgently need the guidance of real practical marketing experts to carry out targeted planning according to the problems encountered by enterprises. What do enterprises need? In terms of publicity, development, competition and what problems need to be solved urgently in the market, these must be clear. The planning object determines the planning content and must be matched. (recommended by the valve manufacturer: China Guowei Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) therefore, only by adjusting its own structural characteristics and repositioning; According to their own innovation and efforts; To expand the external market and shape the brand, and establish an advantageous brand with market influence and industrial chain appeal.